Ice Globe

The best way to describe ice globes is literally like rubbing an ice cube on your face without the mess.
Andy Hamm, marketing coordinator for the beauty brand Aceology, notes the increase in cooling-tool services at spas, "as the benefits are immediate β€” not to mention, they feel incredibly soothing," leading to the desire for at-home tools. Outside of just professional facial settings, ice globes have gained popularity as an easy-to-use self-care tool.
"Cooling facial massage tools have gained significant popularity over the last decade, and it’s likely due to the impact that K-beauty has had around the world," Hamm tells Entice Glow. "Many have heard of the trendy 10+ step skin care regimes practiced by Korean women, and using ice water [or] skin icing has frequently been mentioned as one of the many vital steps in achieving perfect, glass-like skin."